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mrskyboy's Journal

Nathan Petrelli
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Nathan Petrelli is the eldest son of Arthur and Angela. He grew up spoiled and guided in the direction his father wanted for him. The best schools, the best opportunities. He had it all.

Then he spent a summer in Texas and met a woman named Meredith. She got pregnant and being the spoiled, privileged 19 year old that he was let himself be led away from her, from their daughter. Convinced it was the right thing he went back to school and his 'normal life.' Then came the news that the pair of them had died in a fire and he felt responsible, knowing he'd failed in protecting them somehow.

After a night drinking away the guilt he ended up in a car crash that nearly killed him, leaving his face scarred and a sprinkling of burns across his arms and torso. During his recovery he spent a lot of time with his younger brother, sometimes imagining what it would have been like to raise his daughter.

He found himself uninterested in continuing in his father's footsteps as a lawyer or in the often talked about dreams of politics. He wanted something different for himself, wanted to make more of a personal difference in the lives of those around him. In Peter's life. His mother came up with the suggestion of teaching and he didn't hate the idea outright so he changed focus and went back to school to get his teaching degree. He discovered an enthusiasm for it that shocked him.

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